AH Gen 1

The Aqua-Hot Gen 1 is a compact Forced Air Heating and Water Heater system in an all-in-one unit, fueled by Diesel, Gasoline or Propane specifically designed for recreational vehicles.

The Aqua-Hot Gen 1 is one single appliance that saves space and weight in your vehicle, all while providing a comfortable environment as well as 2.64 Gallons of hot water to your RV. Heat water independently of a furnace allows year round comfort and ensures your vehicle is always ready to provide a hot shower. How does it work? Warm air flows to the vehicle’s interior spaces through four air outlets, where it is distributed efficiently to ensure a comfortable climate. You can also easily integrate the total control of the unit into the RV’s general control panel by utilizing RV-C open source intelligence.

Features include:

  • No Anode Design
  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Automated Timer
  • 4 Heating Fan Speeds
  • 10 Air Circulation Fan Speeds
  • Open Source/ RVC ready
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