Gen1 Unit and Screen

35 years of design expertise back the luxury RV comfort systems by Aqua-Hot now featuring the innovative Gen1– a furnace and water heater combination with high altitude performance up to 15,000 ft. 

The Gen1 is a multi-purpose, single appliance designed to save space and weight in a vehicle while still providing the highest level of environmental comfort as well as 2.64 G of hot water. The Aqua-Hot Gen1 can heat water independently of the furnace, keeping RV owners comfortable year-round and ensuring they’re always ready for a luxurious hot shower from anywhere on the road. Warm air flows into the coach’s interior through 4 air outlets where it is distributed evenly and efficiently for a consistently comfortable internal temperature. The Aqua-Hot Gen1 is rated for high altitude operation up to 15,000 feet above sea level – compared to competitive models that are only rated up to 4,000 feet. Gen1 uses RV-C Open-Source intelligence for user-friendly control and easy integration into the RV’s multiplex system.

A Heating & Hot Water Heater System 

  • High Altitude Rated up to 15,000 ft
  • No Anode Design
  • Easy-to-use Controls
  • Automated Timer
  • 4 Heating Fan Speeds
  • 10 Air Circulation Fan Speeds
  • Open Source/ RVC ready
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