Elkhart Composites Exterior (3)-1

The sole manufacturer of industry exclusive ELKBOARD!

A modern alternative to Luan-based products

Elkhart Composites, Inc. (ECI) was launched with an intentional focus on finding an alternative to Luan-based products and other limited thermoset plastics used in RV construction. By focusing on creating a sustainable manufacturing process based in America, the team at ECI was able to develop an innovative new product– Elkboard, a lightweight yet durable, glass-filled, foamed thermoset plastic sheet product.

Elkboard boasts numerous benefits for builders in multiple industries including:

  • Resistance to delamination and decay (unavoidable with Luan-based products)
  • Unparalleled variety in widths and lengths to meet specialized build specifications
  • High degree of moldability for easy manipulation and installation
  • Product that can be recycled in process

Though originally designed for RV use, the seamless moldability of Elkboard has found a place in a wide range of industries including recreational vehicles, automotive, specialty transportation, construction, cargo, manufacturing, packaging, and general industry.